Project Management and Engineering Services 

Upfront Planning, Budgeting and Guidance

< Industrial Project Experience

Design and design-build of various industrial water and wastewater treatment plants.

Conceptual design of net zero facility for wastewater and
water treatment for complete reuse back into the production facility – one of the largest industrial applications at the time.

Various in-plant process infrastructure work on process tanks, pumps, piping, instrumentation, and general utilities such as water, compressed air and glycol systems for various clients.

Project Experience

Technology Providers >

Design-build of four waste to energy facilities to convert
organic material into biogas for use in boilers and engines as an alternative energy source, including start-up and operational oversight.

Process enhancement and scale-up of emerging treatment technologies.

Troubleshooting and retrofitting of existing
anaerobic treatment plants for various industries,
including biogas piping design improvements.


< Municipal Project Experience

Design of enhanced ammonia removal facility, Syracuse Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Facility  — The largest application of this technology in United States at the time.

Troubleshooting and temporary retrofit of an existing aerobic treatment plant to meet compliance through construction upgrades.

Project Experience

Federal and State Agencies >

Bench-scale testing, and design of wastewater treatment facilities
for the Honeywell Onondaga Lake clean-up project.

Design integration for biochemical and thermochemical
cellulosic ethanol processes and grant application
activities – collaborative effort with developer and universities.

* Some projects experience completed under previous employment.